Technology Consulting


Agile Tech Solutions invest their time, talent and capital to develop those competencies that will set them apart from their competitors. Combining a solid understanding of business processes with deep industry knowledge and implementation rigor, Accenture Technology Consulting gives IT leaders practical solutions tailored to address their most crucial business challenges..

We help companies think ahead. Business today is evolving faster than at any other time in history, and tomorrow there are going to be challenges we can’t even imagine today. But to survive and thrive, we must imagine that future. We must anticipate it.

Even while we’re helping you solve your business challenges today, we’re thinking about the future – and how we can take you there. Which is what gives you the competitivee edge in what’s to come?

Methodology and best practices

Continuously refining our information technology solutions methodology according to clients requirements, implementation, and industry expertise, which allows us to apply effective solutions to our clients’ and partners’ business problems. We maintain an active thought leadership program that includes white papers, opinion essays, and research studies on topical business issues. You may access these materials by clicking the Resource Center tab at the top of this column.

When we serve our clients on IT issues, we combine our knowledge and experience in IT with our strengths in strategy, organization, and operations. With a rich pool of resources across the world, deep industry and business process expertise, broad global resources and a proven track record, ATS can mobilize the right people, skills, and technologies to help clients improve their performance.


ATS business consulting services include:

Industry and business applications –

providing early installation and planning services as well as implementation of products and solutions that meet specific business process needs

Platform integrations –

offering services that integrate specific enterprise information technology solutions with other enterprise business platforms and applications

Custom development –

supplying highly customized solutions that support unique combinations of platforms and applications and that address cross-functional business requirements

Advisory and technology –

offering planning, assessment, and implementation of information technology in order to extend the function, operation, flexibility or scale of business processes

SAP services –

providing classic SAP consulting, especially in the implementation of SAP add-on projects and automated incoming post processing as well as integration of SAP R/3 with other enterprise applications

CRM Services –

package selection, architecture, implementation and management