Agile Tech provides government-to-customer services.

Agile Tech is one of the fast-growing companies in India in the e-Governance Sector. ATS has served many government sectors like Central and State Ministries, Agencies and their departments, PSUs, etc. We provide a range of solutions and technologies to help governments and public institutions improve their efficiency, transparency, and accessibility.
some services offered by ATS in the e-governance sector:

  • Citizen Portals
  • E-Taxation
  • AI and Chatbots
  • Open Data
  • Dynamic Website & portal

With the help of ATS E-Governance solutions and consultancy we bring Government Functioning –

  • Simple
  • Accountable
  • Moral
  • Transparent Governance
  • Responsive

Our Electronic Government has emerged as one of the flagship applications with an aspiration to employ multimedia and network technologies to re-invent the way the government works. This IT-enabled government will ensure better transparency and services to the public.


ATS e- Governance Objectives are

  • Application of ATS to offer good governance.
  • Speed and universality of service delivery.
  • Fast and Transparent Service Delivery in an effective manner.
  • Improve service quality and innovation.
  • Provide cost effective services.
  • Provide a pleasant customer experience across all contact points.

ATS provide various E-Governance solutions which including Tax Collection Module – property tax & all other taxes, Issuance of different Certificates including Birth / Death / Marriage etc., Solid Waste Management system, Issuance of various Licenses, Town Planning Management System – Building Approval, Renewal, Transfer Issuance of Certificates, General Administration System