G2C, G2B and G2G Portals Development

Our E-Governance practices encompass a wide range of services that facilitate government interactions with various stakeholders: G2C, G2B & G2G. Our E-Governance Solutions center on Government Models and Services, enhancing efficiency, transparency, and accessibility.

Government to
Government (G2G)

G2G signifies direct interactions and cooperation between governmental bodies, fostering data sharing, resource allocation, and policy coordination to enhance governance and public service delivery.

Some common G2G services include:

  • Online Registration
  • Download Records
  • Online Complaint
  • Policy Coordination
  • Legal and Compliance
  • Data Sharing

Government to
Citizens (G2C)

G2C refers to digital services and interactions that enable governments to directly engage with and serve individual citizens.

Some common G2C services include:

  • Online Portals
  • E-Tax Filing
  • Online Payment such as electricity, water tax etc
  • Online Registration
  • E-Permits and Licensing
  • Citizen Feedback

Government to
Business (G2B)

G2B refers to digital interactions and services that facilitate government engagement with businesses and organizations for regulatory compliance and transactions.

Some common G2G services include:

  • Business Registration
  • Tax and Financial Services
  • Trade Promotion
  • Rejection and approval of proposals
  • Tender, Payment & Penalty
  • Intellectual Property Registration